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Oakville Meals on Wheels: Driving Care into the Oakville Community


As we continue to celebrate our March for the Meals campaign, which is dedicated to raising awareness of Meals on Wheels programs across Ontario, we take a moment to reflect on the significant impact of Oakville Meals on Wheels (OMoW) has on our community. Throughout this month, we remember our history, values, and commitment to serving the Oakville community.

Let’s take a closer look at OMoW’s journey, the core values that guide our actions, and the invaluable services we offer to those in need.


Serving in Oakville Through the Years


For 48 years, Oakville Meals on Wheels (OMoW) has been a reliable source of care for the Oakville community. Established by the Kiwanis Club of Oakville in 1976, OMoW has dedicated itself to delivering over one million meals to those in need. Over time, we became an independent organization, supported by the generosity of United Way and other donors, and we’ve been able to meet the increased demand of our subsidy program and ensure that no one goes hungry or isolated.

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Throughout the years, we have focused on providing the highest quality of food for our clients. Our volunteers have been the backbone of our organization, embodying our values of care and compassion with every delivery. While our core team has stayed strong, we always welcome new members to join us in our mission of providing nutritious meals and meaningful companionship to those in need.


At OMoW, our dedicated staff is committed to providing the best service possible. With each meal we deliver, we aim to convey not only sustenance but also a message of care and independence to every individual we serve.


Oakville Meals on Wheels: Who We Are, What We Strive For


At OMoW, we are passionate about making a positive impact in the Oakville community. Our mission is to ensure that no one in the area is left isolated, hungry, or without human connection. We are dedicated to promoting independent living by providing equitable access to healthy and nutritious meals and fostering opportunities for social interaction.


We believe that everyone deserves access to healthy food and the opportunity to connect with others, and we strive to make this a reality for anyone who requires our service. As part of a community that values inclusivity, compassion, and social responsibility, we are excited to continue our efforts towards establishing a more caring and connected Oakville. Our vision extends beyond just providing sustenance; we envision a community where every individual, no matter their age or circumstances, can live with dignity and autonomy.

More Than Just a Meal

Driving care into the community


Oakville Meals on Wheels is more than just a meal delivery service; it’s a lifeline of compassion and support. Our dedicated

volunteers by the generously of their time, embody our core values of caring, responsiveness, commitment, and respect. They don’t just deliver food; they deliver peace of mind to families and companionship to clients through genuine conversation and connection through an informal wellness check.

Join Us in Making a Difference


During this March for Meals month, you can support Oakville Meals on Wheels by participating in our #SponsorLunch campaign. Your donation today can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

#SponsorLunch Today

Additionally, consider joining us as a volunteer driver and help us continue driving care into the community. Your time and dedication can make a world of difference to those we serve.

Volunteer with Us


Let’s Drive Care into the Community together!


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