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Recently the Oakville Beaver highlighted our growing need for support during this unprecedented time.  We’ve experienced a 50% increase in clients as a direct result of the pandemic.

“Like all community food security organizations, the pandemic has forced the need for rapid system changes at Oakville Meals on Wheels.

Suddenly, volunteers can no longer enter clients’ homes to drop off meals and enjoy brief face-to-face conversations with those who are confined to their homes.

Understandably, some regular volunteers discontinue their work as they are in that age range that is particularly susceptible to severe COVID-19 illness. The need for new volunteers arises at a time when the demand is high, and training must be done virtually.

It takes time for clients to adjust to the new reality and volunteers, to wearing masks and gloves.

The need for additional fundraising arises as the request for services grows and essential protective equipment is required.”

For the full article, visit Oakville Beaver

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